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Real estate is subject to many risks read the read all property related documents carefully. Do you keep up with the realty market? Are you someone with a penchant for analysis? Edifice/ Insight’21 is giving you a platform to combine your interests and play ‘developer’. And being a developer comes with its own set of special challenges. Will you be able to justify your investment in a world that’s been turned on its head? Will you be able to play the big-money, big-risks game?Find out the depth of your knowledge, analytical skills, and innovation in Edifice.

Podium– 1
Duration – Round 3- 2 hours (Round 1 & 2 are pre events)
No. of participants– 2-3 per team
No. of teams per contingent – 2 per contingent
1. Research
2. Analytical thinking
3. Technical Knowledge
4. Oratory and presentation skills