Dare to Dream is one of the most exhilarating events of Insight; everyone looks forward to this wonderful segment of Insight because it provides a platform for the entire team to bond together, share a positive vibe and enjoy enthralling performances. The air is filled with creative and artistic talent, reason enough to make D2D one of the most anticipated events across all editions of Insight. In fact, over the years, D2D has always raised its standard and set unprecedented benchmarks consistently, be it offline or online. Moreover, the boisterous audience provides life to the event. This segment of Insight is all about refreshing and celebrating the cultural part of our diverse human society. Singers, storytellers, poets and writers have blessed Team Insight by their presence in them past and helped get rid of the blues and lethargy. Dare to dream brings with it a wave of creativity and art. The displays of talents are unique and entertaining, making it an informal aspect of the corporate fest, rejuvenating all organizers and participants. Over the years, various talented artists have blessed Insight with their presence. New experiences and celebration of talent are the most important elements of Dare to dream.